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Oil thieves now Install CCTV cameras on trees – NNPC

.NNPC records 149 incidents of oil thefts in weeks 

The Nigerian National Petroleum Company Limited said in the past weeks, it recorded 149 incidents of oil thefts across the Niger Delta and that oil thieves now installed CCTV on trees to monitor security operatives

Hence, the state oil company has assured that there is no backing down on the war on crude oil theft, until the menace is eradicated in the country.

The assurance was given against the backdrop of the company’s current victory against the act in the country’s oil-rich Niger Delta area.

The company said in a statement that its industry-wide security partnership in the war against crude oil theft in the Niger Delta continues to record remarkable progress.

It said:”In some areas of the Niger Delta, it’s become a warfare of sorts. In Osuobodo between 2 ANTAN flow stations south of Oguta naval base in Imo state, an oil bunkering site was uncovered. Far from the regular, these criminals have taken their activities a notch higher. 

“In this camp, CCTV cameras have been installed on trees by the thieves to look out for security operatives. Mortar launchers and defence systems were also mounted by the oil thieves in various locations to eliminate any perceived enemy.

“This discovery was made possible after an invasion by the military following information gathered by an air surveillance carried out by Target Energy, Tantita security services, Operation Delta Safe and the Military in August. It’s a well orchestrated mission”


“The thieves are determined to live here and trade their stolen crude. A lack of electricity is no excuse. Generators are on standby to keep the camp’s operations afloat. Drums of crude oil feeding from an illegal connection, bags used for storing crude and more were discovered on the camp”

It said,between the 14th to 20th of October, 2023, 49 illegal connections were uncovered in Udu& Ogharefe in Delta State, Ohaji Egbema in Imo, Brass in Bayelsa and in Rivers state. 

At this spot in Rivers state, oil thieves drilled a tunnel underneath the tarred road to insert their illegal connection,it said 

The company also said 16 cases of Pipeline vandalism were recorded this week in Azuzu in Bayelsa state and Obodo Omadina and Ogidigbein in Delta state where a well head was vandalised. 

It added:” In Ozuaku in Abia state, a vandalized pipeline is being repaired. 10 Facilities used for storing stolen crude were uncovered in various locations in the Niger Delta in the past week. In Ekpemu in Delta state, an interesting discovery was made. 

“More storage facilities were discovered in Ogborode, Ugborodo and Kwale in Delta State, Tomble and Emuoha in Rivers state and Yenagoa n Bayelsa state.

” In Ozoro, Umuosonwu and Patani in Delta state, vehicles conveying sacks of crude oil were arrested and their content confiscated . 5 vehicle arrests were made between the 14 and 20th of October, 2023. 

“18 wooden boats conveying stolen crude were also apprehended this week in Rivers, Delta and Imo states. 9 of these incidents took place in the deep blue water, 23 in the western region l 67 in the central region and 50 in Nigeria’s Eastern Region ”.

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