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Bombshell: PH Refinery not yet completed- Findings

The PortHarcourt refinery is not yet completed, according to top industry expert.

According to him, Imported LPG was fed into the bottom of the flare to provide fuel, to light the flare instead of the normal flue gas produced from the refinery.

NNPC top management had said the refinery was mechanically ready.
He said: “This action allowed a picture of the flare to be taken; pretending that the refinery had started operations”
The picture was taken within a few minutes. The flare was shutdown immediately after !
The rehabilitation work is NOT COMPLETED! They had to try to lie to the public that the Port Harcourt refinery is back in operation .
That cannot happen in the foreseeable future

“The Port Harcourt refinery cannot make any products in the foreseeable future, because the units cannot take in crude oil for processing.

“The rehabilitation work has NOT been completed. The Federal Government and NNPCL know this truth but will not admit it publicly!

“In fact, no crude oil has been supplied to the refinery to date, for the same reason”, he concluded

!Look at the flare! Look at the crude cargo! Look atthe inspection visits! All meaningless.

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