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NDPHC ED, Ife Oyedele bags UNILAG Award

The Executive Director, Networks, Niger Delta Power Holding Company, (NDPHC), Engr. Ife Oyedele, has bagged the Distinguished Alumnus Award of the University of Lagos.

The event which was part of the 60th anniversary of the association, took place in Lagos at the weekend.

Speaking at the award night in Lagos, Oyedele said: “Today is one of the most joyful days in my life. You know when you are recognized not only abroad but also at home, you feel much more fulfilled. Remember that the Bible says a prophet is never without a honuor except in his own country. But in this case, I have honour both at home and abroad; I give glory to God almighty for this.”

He said when he was working as a member of the executive council of the University of Lagos Alumni Association, he remembered that he had held different positions in the association.  Above all, he offered his resources too for the development of the association and also the development of the university.

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He said he was not looking forward to a day like this when he would receive an award for the services he rendered. But having been called and honoured as part of the activities to mark the 60th anniversary of the University of Lagos, is something he was really grateful for.

On the advice he has for the current students of the university, he said: “As a student, you must be determined in your mind to pursue excellence in everything you are doing.”

He said one of the errors young men commit is to think you have to be something before you can be noticed, and I said that is not true.  “When I was in secondary school I got the prize for being the best-behaved form 1 student because I was diligent in the duties assigned to me by the school prefects. I also realize that I use to lobby to wash toilets whereas most of my classmates tried to avoid that.  I noticed that the prefects were watching what I was doing so they created a price for me.”

 “So when you are do anything either as cleaner, driver or any job, do it well.  You don’t have to be a governor before people start noticing you or giving you higher responsibility”

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